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Pinehurst Pictures & Sound is located just 2 miles from scenic downtown Northampton, MA. Little has changed to the look of downtown since the turn of last century. Most of the same buildings stand today as they did then. Northampton has many fine restaurants and shops and a top notch post production facility; Pinehurst Pictures & Sound.

At Pinehurst our main concern is our client. You. We understand production schedules can be chaotic. We understand budgets can be tight. We work with you to create the best fit possible for your goals. We do the simple things as well. We return phone calls, reply to emails; keep you in the loop at all times. We'd like the opportunity to work with you. Please give us a call at 413-584-6200 and we can discuss the possibilities.


Pinehurst's founder, Rikk Desgres got his start cutting film for Florentine Films. One of his early accomplishments was an editor on Ken Burns' Emmy winning PBS series BASEBALL. Rikk has seen the transition from film based editing to todays powerful digital editing and manipulation tools. One of the first things that struck his "ear" was the Digital Audio Workstation. Being a musician, Rikk knew this was the future of audio. The very first piece of digital equipment Pinehurst purchased was a Pro Tools workstation. That workstation, upgraded numerous times over the years, still holds a very important place in the Pinehurst studio.

Today just about everything is digital. That does not mean Pinehurst can't handle legacy formats. Betacam SP, DvCam, Mini-DV Hi-8 and DAT are just a few of the legacy formats kept on hand.

Our main focus is the wonderful tools that are available today for editing, color grading, mixing, compositing etc. Call Rikk today at 413-584-6200 to discuss your project.



Picture editing is where it all started. His love of editing is why Pinehurst Pictures & Sound exists. Pinehurst has edited projects for national broadcast and for major museums across the country.

Color Correction /Grading

Making your project look it's best is important. Color grading and correcting each shot to maximize impact is what we do here. On most projects 98% of the shots need some sort of grading. It makes a big difference!

Sound Design

Sound has been the most overlooked aspect of motion picture and multimedia production. A professionally produced, and edited soundtrack can make your picture sing, roar, or explode with excitement. At Pinehurst, we know how to create a stimulating audio soundtrack for your most important projects.

Sound Mixing

After everything else is done you have to mix it. We can mix to PBS (or any other) Broadcast spec, or web distribution.

5.1 Surround Sound Mixing

We have Surround Sound 5.1 mixing and editing right here in Northampton. No more trips to New York, or Boston for your Broadcast, DVD, or Blu-Ray project.

Audio Restoration

If you have old, distressed or improperly recorded audio we can help. We have state of the art sound restoration software that can bring poorly recorded sound back to life. Court cases sometimes rely on audio tape evidence. We can cleanup sound so that the human voice is audible and the interfering background sounds are eliminated or softened. This technology does not substitute for properly recorded production audio.

DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring

Pinehurst has created DVD's for independent producers, and for very large corporations. From the simplest DVD to the super-sized DVD with bonus material, training exercises and just about anything you and Pinehurst can dream up.
We can author Blu-Ray discs as well. This high definition disc format has stunning picture quality. DVDs are only standard definition, but Blu-Ray is full HD quality.

CD/DVD Duplication

We have duplicating machines ready when you need them.

Closed Captions & Subtitles

The FCC has regulations about what has to be captioned. Almost every broadcast program has to be captioned. Some internet and DVD/Blu-ray programs fall under this ruling as well. We can output multiple formats for whatever caption or subtitle needs arise.

Camera & Production

If you need your program produced, shot and edited. Look no further. If you need us for the complete package we do that as well. Pinehurst Pictures & Sound can produce your motion picture, audio program, or interactive project from your idea. We work with the best cinematographers, directors, editors, animators, programmers and writers in the country. If you have an idea, we can bring it to life. Our production values are second to none. When your production is in our hands don't worry, relax. We have the talent, technical expertise, and equipment to produce a spectacular looking production. RELAX, we mean it. We know what we are doing. You can be assured that we are taking care of your media project so you can take care of your business.

System Design/Consulting and Training

Thinking about building an editing suite of your own. Give us a call. We can help you plan the purchase of both software and hardware. And we can train you as well.
We are available for on-site training, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, lectures and private training.

Web Compression

The internet has taken over video distribution. DVD/Blu-Rays are still needed for some projects, but the web makes it instantly viewable. We can handle all types of web compression.


Some of the Projects We've Worked On.

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